Java Community Meeting in Belgrade

Meet NUGS at Java community meeting in Belgrade, 27.07.2011. 20:30h, Andrićev venac 12, at Blink festival. Together with local Java community  , we’ll present our activities, projects, talk about Java and have a good time. See you!


We had really nice time talking about Java history, news in Java 7 and open source projects by community members. We also talked about ways to collaborate with Fireart and support Java community in Serbia. We hope to meet again soon! Here are some pics.

NUGS Project Team

After the last NetBeans Platform training at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences in Belgrade, Serbia, we formed a development team that will work on NetBeans Platform related projects.

A group of students who participated the training (13 out of 25) signed up to join the team and on Wednesday 7.14.11, the project team had a first meeting at the Faculty of Organisational Sciences.

The team will work on following open source projects:

 1. Neuroph Studio, a neural network development tool on the NetBeans Platform. The team will create new features for image recognition and advanced visual neural network editor based on the Visual Library.

 2. Eidos Project, the community-driven NetBeans UML Plugin. The team will work on development of the UML visual editor, which is also based on Visual Library.

Both  projects include creating specialized visual editors on top of the Visual Library and our goal is to train the team in creating advanced visual editors. This may open opportunities to offer this expertise to other projects too.

NetBeans Platform Course for Master Students

As a part of course on Modern Software Architectures, during the master studies at Faculty of Organisational Sciences, the students had opportuinty to learn the basics of NetBeans Platform. During the 5 hour course on June 25th and 26th they were introduced with basic concepts about NetBeans Platform, modular applications and had some hands on excercises based on our teaching materials (doing HelloWorld and CD Catalog example).

They were very interested to hear about this topic and they were very good at doing practical exercises on their own. One interesting comment by one of the students was: ‘Oh, yeah I know that Eclipse has something similiar like this platform, but I gave up after looking at it. This looks much more convinient.

First NetBeans Platform class at Faculty of Organizational Sciences

The members of NetBeans User Group Serbia gave the first NetBeans Platform class at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. It was a part of the optional course on Java programming for advanced students.
Although the students were familiar with the NetBeans IDE they didn’t now about about NetBeans Platform.
During this two hour class, we hope that we managed to introduce them the basic concepts, and that they will be
able to continue to explore NetBeans Platform. Short tutorial and related NetBeans projects used in tutorial are in the attach bellow.

Our member joined the development of OpenLeanMed

Igor Ivanovic,one of the students from University of Belgrade,  who participated tha last NetBeans Platform training has joined the development of open source medical application on NetBeans Platform.
Since this is the best way to get some real world experience and learn NetBeans Platform on real use cases, we encourge other members of our community to join some open source projects.